Benefits of Greenways & Trails

BENEFITS AND OPPORTUNITIES The Greenways and Trails Advisory Council envisions that by realizing the actions included in this document, Tennessee will reap the following opportunities and benefits.

  • Tennessee communities will benefit from promoting health and fitness programs on local greenways and trails by giving citizens daily opportunities to participant in active, healthy lifestyles;
  • Environmentally sustainable economic development using greenways and trails will create connections both withing and provide needed open space and recreational facilities;
  • Increase in the number of greenways areas and miles of trails available to citizens of Tennessee;
  • The creation of stakeholder value and an improved quality of life within our communities with the development of more facilities close to home to encourage walking and bicycle riding to school, work, shopping and play places;
  • An increase in the number of partnerships between parks and recreation departments, the local school systems, health agencies and local law enforcement agencies, as well as other local, state and federal agencies;
  • Increase each year in the number of events/activities and participants in National Trails Day in Tennessee to provide sustained advocacy of greenways and trails across the state;
  • Increase programs to organize trail user volunteers who are an important asset to the building and maintenance of our state’s trail systems;
  • Connecting greenways and trails throughout Tennessee will result in creating positive linkages within individual communities and to adjacent communities;
  • Statewide and community partnerships that work to create a change in our lifestyles – we are “On the Move” and “Enjoying our Good Nature” constantly every day;
  • A Master Plan for connecting greenways and trails across Tennessee with trail access for all user groups;
  • Tennesseans will experience a transformation, and learn that an active outdoor lifestyle is a fundamental part of the Tennessee way of life!
  • For more details on the benefits of Greenways and Trails, see the 2008 Tennessee Greenways and Trail Plan found at