What is a Trail?

Did you know there are 749+ Greenways and Trails in Tennessee that provide opportunities for recreation, non-motorized and motorized transportation, viewing scenic vistas, exploring nature, viewing wildlife, natural treasures, and historic places as well as bonding as a family and providing close to home opportunities for physical activity.

In Tennessee, there are trails to accommodate persons with disabilities, rollerbladers, cyclists of all types, walkers, hikers, moms with strollers, off-road vehicle enthusiasts, and horseback riders.

Trails provide Tennesseans with an opportunity to access the wonders of our beautiful state in federal, state and local area parks, forests and natural areas.

A trail can be anything from a narrow path along a creek or stream that a fisherman uses to access his favorite fishing hole to a 6 foot wide double track trail over large rocks for the off highway vehicle trail enthusiast. Most non-motorized trails in Tennessee are the 2-3 foot wide natural surfaced trails that people use to explore and discover all the great natural and culutral wonders that make up the great state of Tennessee.

More and more comunities across Tennessee are finding the many benefits that hard surfaced paved trails are providing such as walking and bicycling as a means to get from their home to a store or better yet, a safe place for kids to walk or ride their bikes to school or the park.

If your community does not have a trail, please contact Bob Richards at 615-532-0753 for help to make your community trail friendly.